Don’t Let Your Bag Define You!

Alright people!  I’m gonna get real with you!  There’s something that I’m just so tired of seeing in the world!  In case you didn’t read the title of this post, it’s this: DON’T LET YOUR BAG DEFINE YOU!!  Yup, I am sooooooooo sick of seeing people around the world, especially women, allowing their bags, and other accessories and materialistic items for that matter, define them!

Sure, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a huge sucker for handbags! I love Louis Vuitton bags!  I enjoy my fair share of Coach products and some of the “hip” items on the market.  But…..if there’s one thing that I hold true in my belief system, it’s that I don’t let my bags or any other materialistic item define who I am.  My personality, internal values, thought processes, and goals in life are the dimensions of my being that define me!


I’ll admit that I do carry a sense of pride when I’m walking around with an expensive Louis Vuitton bag!  Louis Vuitton represents prestige and monetary success, so when I walk around and other people walking by take notice, I can’t help but feel proud of myself!  I worked super hard for those bags!  But, guess what?  When I was broke and barely had any money to put together, I still took pride in myself as an individual.  When I walked around town with my cheap handbag from the local thrift store, I didn’t feel bad!  I walked around knowing that my clothes and accessories don’t constitute the characteristics that make me who I am.


Don't Let Bags define you


No matter how much money you have or much money you don’t have, you should never lose sight of who you are as a person.  Do not be consumed by the bags you carry!  If you have a Louis Vuitton bag, good for you!  Wear it with pride!  If you can’t afford to have a Louis Vuitton bag and only carry around a cheap second-hand bag from the local thrift shop, good for you!  Wear it with pride!  Don’t judge yourself and certainly don’t let other people judge you by what you wear!  Don’t be like the guy who reads up on the latest Apple iWatch review and immediately purchases it to be the cool kid on the block.  Don’t be like the lady who reads up on the latest PhenQ review and buys it just so that all your friends can be impressed by your health ambitions.  And certainly, don’t be that person who notices that all their friends have Louis Vuitton bags and you go out to buy it and knowingly hurt your financial budget just so that you can impress your friends.


Don't let bags define you 2


If your friends ever judge you based on how fancy your handbags are, I’ve got some news for you: THOSE ARE NOT FRIENDS!  Real friends will never care how expensive your accessories are.  They’ll love you, care about you, hang out with you, and always think highly of you.  They’ll judge you not by what’s on your outside, but for the very person that you are on the inside.  Hope that makes sense!  Rock on!

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